BR Williams is a supply chain management company providing 汽车物流, 仓储, 3PL物流, 分配货运服务 在 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 和 beyond.



About Our 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 Location

We opened our 分配 center 在 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 在 2003. Conveniently located literally next to Interstate 20 和 less than a mile from Exit 173, just down the street from the Talladega Superspeedway, 和 less than 10 miles from Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) 在 Lincoln, Alabama. HMA currently builds the Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, 和 Honda Pilot at the Lincoln Plant. Our facility 在 Eastaboga has supported the Honda manufacturing plant 和 its suppliers since the Lincoln plant opened. Learn more about our 汽车物流 services »

Our 分配 center 在 Eastaboga is our only warehouse that also has a full-service trucking terminal that’s dedicated to 我们的货运部门 (because of its great location right off I-20). We have 21 employees 和 serve 9 在dustries 在 this one warehouse. We tailor our value-added services to each customer, realizing that each one is unique.

This facility is also unique because it offers a lot of “yard outside storage”. If your product is much larger 和 needs to be kept outside while being worked on, our Eastaboga facility has the available space!

威廉姆斯(BR Williams)始终将自己的产品视为自己的产品。他们非常注重细节,这转化为几乎所有BR Williams船员都非常擅长的问题。他们把工作做好了,并愿意在我们需要时加倍努力。我喜欢和这家公司做生意。

Tanner Vaughan, 本田制造 of Alabama

Our 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 Location’s 服务

Third Party 后勤 (3PL) Provider 服务


入库&Distribution Fulfillment 服务

货车运输Companies 在 阿拉巴马州手机

Transportation&Freight 货车运输Services


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you offer logistics services at the 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 location?

Yes! At our Eastaboga location, we offer these 3PL services: freight logistics, low claims 和 accessorial charges, competitive rates, reduced late pick-ups 和 deliveries, better communication, 和 a sense of ownership from the carrier.

We also provide these 汽车物流 services: end-to-end logistics, 汽车行业 parts 分类& break bulk, 在ventory tracking&management, 汽车行业 parts 打包& repackaging, 汽车部件 风筝& sequencing,以及采购。

What 分配 和 仓储 services does BR Williams provide at their 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 location?

用 150,000 square feet of warehouse space, 9,000 square feet of office space, 13 trailer docks, 和 4个入库区, BR Williams is able to accommodate many 分配s 和 仓储 needs 在 Eastaboga. These 在clude military specified kitting, program management, end-to-end logistics, order fulfillment, load transfer/shift&rework/restacking, 和 lumper service.

Does your Eastaboga location offer 货运服务?

Yes, 在cluding same-day service, expedited delivery, FTL& LTL, long-distance OTR 货运服务, FCL&LCL, 100% Omnitracs fleet, 53′air ride dry vans, 和 dedicated dispatchers.

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Our Valued Customers at Eastaboga Include

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BR威廉姆斯是一个完整的 supply chain service provider serving the 我们A. We began our 货运分部 在1958年并扩展到 仓储/配送 in 1992. Our family-owned business now have 六个配送中心 located across Southeast United States. We provide top notch 卡车服务货运3rd-party logistics (3PL)分销管理仓储跨接服务联运卡车和 拖运服务.

用 地点 in 移动AL阿拉巴马州皮埃蒙特佛罗里达塔拉哈西;阿拉巴马州安尼斯顿( 设备); 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加;和 阿拉巴马州牛津, BR Williams’ 分配 network supports over 50 customers 和 another 2,500 在 the 货车运输 and 后勤 divisions. The 在dustries we serve 在clude: 汽车行业, defense, home improvement, education, food raw materials, textiles, chemical, 在dustrial packaging, metals (finished goods), highway safety 和 more.

We are held to highest level of standard under the 9001:2015 Quality System Registration and are constantly improving 和 streamlining our policies 和 procedures.

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About The 阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 Area

阿拉巴马州伊斯特博加 is a small community on the border of Talladega 和 Calhoun counties 在 northeastern Alabama 和 is situated along Interstate 20 between Birmingham, 铝 和 Atlanta, GA. It’s just north of the Talladega Superspeedway 和 to the west of Anniston, 铝 (where we have 二 warehouses 和 分配 centers: “东安尼斯顿”和“西安妮斯顿“). Previously known as “McFall”, the original community of Eastaboga was to the south 和 became known as “Old Eastaboga” after McFall’s name was changed to Eastaboga.

Eastaboga (historically Estaboga) means “where the people reside” 在 Muscogee, a Native American language.

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